Minoxidil For Beard Review: Does Rogaine Work For Beards & Facial Hair?

Does Rogaine or Minoxidil work for facial hair? Check out my detailed Minoxidil For Beard Review. The Minoxidil for Beard is a topical solution approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat androgenetic alopecia; hair loss. When it is taken orally, the drug can treat conditions such as high blood pressure. The most dominant chemical element present in Minoxidil is called Rogaine, and it is used interchangeably with Minoxidil to mean the same medicine for hair loss and baldness.

How does Minoxidil Work in beards?

Unlike other treatments for hair loss available in the market, Minoxidil is not a hormonal treatment but rather one that stimulates hair growth on the surface. It stimulates blood flow in the follicles of hair with its potassium opener element, which in turn brings hormones and more nutrients to the hair follicles making the hair grow faster and thicker. In a more technical description, Minoxidil fundamentally prolongs the Anagen phase of hair cells, promoting the actual growth of hair. The shortened Anagen phase of hair is the leading cause of hair loss in most men, and by increasing blood flow, it brings the nutrients necessary for hair growth close to the follicles.

Minoxidil for Beard Review: Can The Reviews Be Trusted?

Rogaine’s most common misconception is that it would work for men who naturally do not grow beards as it would on the heads; hair growth is easier on the head because of the naturally occurring follicles there that do not exist on every man’s face. Simply put, men who lack facial hair are not ‘balding’ as would happen on the head, but it does stimulate some facial hair, just not to the same degree as it would grow on the head.

Rogaine will stimulate the already existing follicles present on the face to give you a great beard and will do the same for your head where the hair loss has occurred or the balding. From most accounts regarding the product, Minoxidil/Rogaine does actually work on many of the men who have used it; it has stimulated the growth of the hair that was lost over time and those who want to have a good-looking beard. Rogaine can be used to grow hair on the head, facial hair, even thicker eyebrows – if you are into that, and even the chest and arms.

Men have hair follicles all over their faces, but not all are active for everyone, which explains how some men grow patchy beards with some places full of hair and others with thin hair. Applying Minoxidil for the beard to the areas with light hair will stimulate their growth and create a lovely uniform thick-haired beard. It is, however, not a quick fix, and you will need to stick to the solution for a while to see great results.

5% versus 2% Minoxidil for Beards: Which One Is The Best? 

The 5% version of Minoxidil for beards is the original form of the medicine and is the more powerful solution than its generic counterparts. It takes a lot less time to show results, and it is dependent on the dosage – the more times you use, the faster it works because it has a higher concentration of Minoxidil which in effect leads to more hair regrowth.

The 2% is a more generic version of the Rogaine with less potency of Minoxidil and has reviews shown to work slower than the 10% and 5% versions of the drug. It is not specifically dose-dependent. Though the healthier versions work better because of Minoxidil’s high concentrations, the 2% also gives good results over a more extended period, just longer than the others. If you want quicker results for a great beard, 5% is most recommended, but if you are not in a hurry, you can try the slow and steady 2% version of Rogaine.

How Long Before You See Growth Using Rogaine / Minoxidil For Beard Reviews

Minoxidil For Beard Review

From the reviews of people who have used Rogaine for Beards, when applied twice a day – once in the morning and again in the evening, it would take a minimum of four to six months to start seeing significant changes in hair growth. The changes begin showing in about four months, but the full effect will start being felt in at least a year, that is, the growing hair with good thickness and texture.

Foam Versus Liquid Minoxidil

Since Minoxidil/Rogaine is a proven hair loss and re-growth regimen, you have the choice to use it in either foam or as a liquid solution.

  • Regarding the price, the standard liquid package is slightly more affordable than its counterpart foam version; combined with the need to use more foam than liquid, the net cost for the foam is slightly higher.
  • For ease of use, most users agree that the foam is far less messy to apply on the scalp compared to the liquid form, not that it is necessarily bad, but most people prefer it in foam.
  • It is much more convenient to use Minoxidil for Beard Foam form because of how fast it tends to dry and helps you save time, but when used on long hair, the Minoxidil for Beard Liquid form is a more suitable product.
  • The effectiveness of either type is a contentious issue. Still, the consensus lies towards the liquid side because it is easier to deliver and for the skin to absorb its active ingredients by the liquid and that the powder may stick to the skin.

Side Effects of Minoxidil For Beard Reviewed

When reviewed, the Minoxidil for beard seems to be harmless as far as drug side effects go, to the extent that it is readily sold over the counter without necessarily needing a prescription. This is not to mean that there have not been any reports of side effects, with the most common being:

  • An itchy and irritated scalp
  • Redness around the areas applied, especially the face
  • Dry skin and scalp
  • A rarer side effect is a pain in the head

If you experience any of these side effects, it is advisable to see a physician as soon as possible to determine whether it is an allergic reaction to the chemical ingredients or something else entirely.

Does hair grow elsewhere other than the intended surface?

Applying Minoxidil Beard growth or Rogaine for Beard Growth may boost your beard’s growth and appearance but may have unintended consequences by stimulating hair growth in unwanted places. This occurs mainly when Minoxidil for Beard is applied in large quantities and high concentration, which is absorbed into the bloodstream and transported throughout the body, stimulating hair growth in unwanted places. To prevent this, apply the recommended amounts or reduce the dosage you are using to get great results.

Where can you get Minoxidil Beard Growth?

It has been established that it is a very safe drug to use, so it should be readily available for purchase from any decent chemist in your locale. It is also available in online shops for Amazon orders, where you can have it delivered to your doorstep.

Conclusion: – Based on Users Review & Feedback’s Minoxidil for Beard Works 

Minoxidil for Beard is not a magic potion that will automatically make your beard grow faster or stop your hair loss or deal with the underlying causative conditions that cause hair loss: it does not work on everybody. However, when it works, the results will be excellent, and you will have a great full and stylish beard.


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